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Most 20-somethings we know can hardly afford their rent, not to mention an entire "transition wardrobe". No matter! Like so many other fashion magazines, Harper's Bazaar lives in an alternate universe; one in which merchandise is presented in order to please advertisers, not relate to readers. So maybe we shouldn't have been surprised when, scanning the January issue's "Fabulous At Every Age: Transition Dressing" feature, we came across a $31,000 Bottega Veneta handbag, which is $23,000 more than the second-most expensive, non-jewelry accessory. (That would be a $7,500, tangerine Lana Marks bag, perfect for senior citizens like Betsy Bloomingdale!) Click on the tag to see the expensive offender.

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@dayglo: Its tough to find peen support in a flirty, yet not too trashy printed frock, don't you think?