Teen Vogue Readers On Getting h0rny: "I Just Think Of That Episode Of Sex & The City..."

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Teen Vogue message board readers may not be big fans of food for consumption purposes, but that doesn't mean they have no use for the stuff, according to a recent thread we'll have you guess the topic of:

i do it all the time it just feels so good and ou cant get and sexualy transmitted diseases by doing so just have fun this is TMI but i used a zucchine once o wow it was so good


More tips from the fingers of Teen Vogue readers (Ex: "just dont go around doing it in public like a crazy homeless new yorker! lol") after the jump.

  • "Hah, I had this friend (she moved last year) who used to masturbate in public and she thought she was totally under the radar, but everyone noticed. It was really just odd, like in math class. Just odd. It's fine in privacy or with another person, but I cannot imagine a situation in which masturbation is appropriate in public."
  • "yeah i have like 8 guys in my science class that all do it IN THE MIDDLE OF CLASS. disgusting. it's a private thing seriously. we have a pretty young science teacher and she's pretty and skinny... i guess they can't help themselves... pfft."
  • "i just wanted to ask you guys if mas.turbating makes you "half a virgin". i've heard it before and i'm wondering if it's true?"
  • "ummmmm, whats eating out?"
  • "when someone puts their tounge down there"
  • "okay this might sound really dumb.. but what exactly is m.asturbating?? i dont know exactly what it is.. in detail can you explain it?? haha sorryyy."
  • "its totally normal." but later in life you could become like, a sexaholic. yes those do exist lol
  • haha i just keep thinking about that episode of sex and the city when charlotte wants to stay home with her vibrator instead of going out
  • "..i had my period reeally heavy like last month and so i really wanted to be clean down there so i washed it in the shower and it ended up feeling good haha..but like idk what else!"
  • "omg, thats like exactly how i found out about it. Actually, i didnt even kno what masterbating wuz when i started doin that. haha."

obsession with mastur.bating [Teen Vogue]



@lolkate: What's weird about is that there are many, many numbers of these forums where old dudes can read about teenage girls having sex/masturbating/giving blow jobs and they are clearly mostly there for old perves to spank to and it's considered completely legal because the sites are geared towards females.

But, when I'm paid to write porn I have to go out of my way to make sure that every character I talk about is over 18 (I usually do this by making vague references to them being in college or having been in college) because if I implied or said that any of the participants were underage my clients could end up in legal trouble - because if it's geared towards men it's considered "porn" and not educational.

This is our legal system.