New York Times Notable Deaths: Light On The Ladies, Heavy On The Mascara

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Today's NY Times includes a list of the most
notable deaths from the past year, and while women only constitute about 17% of the list, what they lack in numbers the ladies mentioned make up for in spunk and glitter. The Jezeverse is considerably less festive now that Slut Machine's favorite televised trainwreck, Anna Nicole, is up in heaven, flashing her tits to angels. And she's not the only "personality" to pass this year: sweet and campy Tammy Faye Messner is now at the great makeup counter in the sky, while the Queen of Mean, Leona Helmsley also died and left $12 million to her bitchy Maltese (but $0 to half her grandchildren).


The literary world also lost several bright lights, including the inimitable short story writer and poet Grace Paley. A Wrinkle in Time author Madeline L'Engle died in September, New York Review of Books co-founder Elizabeth Hardwick passed earlier this month, and columnist Molly Ivins died, at the too-early age of 62, in January, and to Jennifer's everlasting chagrin, fashion guru Liz Claiborne died in June and actress Deborah Kerr went from Here to Eternity in October. Wonder if the paper's editors will add recently (and reportedly) dead Benazir Bhutto to the list?

Notable Deaths of 2007 [NY Times]

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@TruculentandUnreliable: There probably was a documentary on them and yes, they have other children: Madison (now...10 or 11) and her half sister, Rosa (25), whom they adopted when she was a teenager. This is their website As I recall, it hasn't been updated in a REALLY long time. (yeah, checking it now, the Patriot Act hadn't passed when they last updated...)

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