Missing Marine Found Dead; Likely Murderer Missing

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Brace yourself for this Monday morning tale of woe: the remains of 20-year-old Maria Lauterbach, the pregnant Marine who had been missing since before Christmas, have been found in the backyard of her accused rapist, fellow Marine Cesar Armando Laurean. The burnt body of Lauterbach and her unborn child were found in a makeshift grave on Saturday. (It is unclear if Lauterbach's pregnancy was a result of her alleged rape.) Laurean, who has since skipped Jacksonville, North Carolina, where he and Lauterbach both served at Camp Lejeune, admitted to burying Lauterbach, but claimed in a note that Lauterbach slit her own throat. Which would explain the blood splattered all over the walls of his house! Oh, by the way, this piece of shit was also married. His wife, reports CBS News, is said to be "heartbroken".

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Lauterbach filed the rape charges against Laurean (pictured) in April, and according to the Washington Post, Maria was harassed so badly in the meantime by her fellow Marines that she had to move off-base. Neither Lauterbach nor Laurean was reassigned to a different base after these charges were filed, because, according to military authorities, they were on "friendly terms" and Maria was ostensibly protected by a military order issued in May and renewed three times since then.

As has been reported before 20% of female veterans who seek care from the VA hospital showed symptoms of military sexual trauma. CBS News notes that there have been "complaints from female service members that the male-dominated chain of command did not take their allegations seriously," and the reticence of the Department of Defense to get involved in the Jamie Leigh Jones rape case further implies that the U.S. military does not care about the safety of the women in its employ.

Laurean is currently still missing, and though there have been sightings of him in Louisiana, none have been confirmed. Doddering local sheriff, Ed Brown, who, when Maria first went missing, implied that she had simply run away, had this to say about Laurean when asked what the Marine was capable of: ""Based on what I saw in that grave, anything."


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OK - I'm originally from central North Caroline and though I don't physically live there at this minute, the place that I call "home" is up the road and just offshore from Jacksonville.

With that said, I've seen several people in this thread blame the local Sheriff for the delays and though I don't know the dude and have had no dealings with any Onslow County authorities, nor have I really been following this case: I don't know how much he knew and when.

The timelines that I've seen, say that the Sheriff was informed about the "case" on 1/7 and they issued their first search warrant on that same day. What I've interpreted from the media is that the military were the ones who theorized that she had run off and considering the first search appears to have been her roomate's laptop, I can't even be sure that the Marines even told the civilian authorities about the rape charge from the outset.

I may be wrong and I am looking at it from afar, but I don't know how much or if any blame should fall on the local police, instead it looks like the military were the ones to drop the ball. (Not to mention that she was most likely dead before the local authorities had been notified and quite possibly, before her parents even knew that she was missing)