Frat Boy Shown With "Sluts" Sign Says He Never Disrespects Women

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Remember the charming boys at the Yale chapter of the Zeta Psi fraternity who posed with a sign proclaiming "We Love Yale SLUTS" directly in front of the campus women's center? Well, the frat boy holding the sign, Yale football player Giovanni Christodoulou, was interviewed yesterday by a New Haven Fox affiliate, and while he apologizes for his actions, he doesn't exactly take responsibility either. "I never disrespect women...We're all terribly sorry and we learned our lesson," Gio says. But earlier in the clip, he claims: "I never even read the sign, they gave me the sign, I held it up. They said it was a scavenger hunt." Regardless, it's unclear if the case would hold up in court, and even if it did, would it prevent future idiot frat boys from making ignorant comments to women?


And speaking of idiot college boys making ignorant comments, at a stand-up comedy competition at New Jersey's Monmouth University, more than one entrant thought rape jokes were hilarious. "The first comic told two rape jokes," reports "Another said he could never be a rapist because he likes to sleep after sex. Yet another said he would call his victim the next morning because he's such a nice guy... Later one of the competitors began his act by promising the audience that he wouldn't tell any rape jokes. He broke that promise two minutes later with a one-liner about using 'ropes and formaldehyde' to solve his romantic problems." Ugh. There's such a thing as crossing the line, even when you're "joking." These college boys took that line and peed all over it.

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This is the way I explain it to my daughter, and the way it was explained to me by Mother Badmutha: Boys are weird. They rarely get to be good men without a good woman helping. That may be their mother, their grandmother, or sister. But sweetie, if you think it will be you, you will just need to let go of that illusion. So again, boys are weird.