Killer Cooches

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Haven't see the movie Teeth yet? Neither have we. But New York magazine has a come up with a cunning list of the ten scariest "movie vaginas". Think Audrey II from Little Shop Of Horrors, Sharon Stone's muff from Basic Instinct, Carol Anne's bedroom in Poltergeist, and, of course, the Sarlacc Pitt from Return Of The Jedi. All yonic, all deadly. [New York Mag]

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Annalee Newitz

@doxybyproxy: Yes! Christ I loved that movie.

One thing that did bug me about Teeth, @Oryx, was exactly what you mention. It was a satire that picked a very easy target. Red states bad! All men rapists! That sort of thing. But I saw it with somebody who used to be one of those "promise to stay a virgin" people and he said it felt very emotionally real. Which I thought too, even though I was never a virgin.

Also, I thought the penis chopping was satisfyingly gross, blood-squirtingly great, and did involve various animals eating the severed organs. Points for that.