A Canadian man was acquitted on sexual assault charges because he plead "sexsomnia." Ontario resident Jan Luedecke was accused of sexual assault when a woman who had fallen asleep on a couch at a house party awoke with him on top of her. When she pushed him away, Jan "appeared confused." His lawyers said Jan was suffering from "non-insane automatism" which was coined "sexsomnia" by legal pundits. In other words, Jan was half-asleep and wasted when he assaulted his couch-mate. Jan's acquittal was initially appealed but a panel of three judges upheld the verdict. [UPI]

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This sounds like something that was genuine ONCE and made news, now every drunk guy who can still pop a boner is using it as a rape defense. Oy.

@DorothyZbornak: I'm a sleep SINGER. Not just quiet humming: I scared the shit out of my college room mate by belting into Italian opera. Another night I had a full blown conversation with my husband. It went something like this (he wrote it down)

Me: We have so many gold watches!

Him: What?

Me: You know.

Him: I have no clue what you're talking about.

Me: Grrrrrr! For the AUCTION! We DO! Stop LAUGHING!

Him: You are not going to remember this, sweetie.

Me: I WILL! I am TOTALLY lucid! I am! If I WEREN'T would I use the word LUCID?

Him: *laughter*

Me: Stop! I'm going to bite you now.

... and I did.