Mariah Carey's New Album E=MC2 Takes Inspiration From Einstein

Illustration for article titled Mariah Careys New Album iE=MC2/i Takes Inspiration From Einstein

It was announced yesterday via her website that Mariah Carey's new album, the long awaited follow up to The Emancipation of Mimi — due out April 15 — will be called E=MC2 and, upon hearing the news we just had to mock up an album cover. The album's first single, "Touch My Body" (which we can't help saying ala Anna Nicole Smith's catchphrase "Like my body?") leaked, and it's good; really good. Some sample lyrics: "Boy you can put me on you/ Like a brand new white tee/ I'll hug your body tighter/ Than my favorite jeans...If there's a camera up in here/ Then I'd best not catch this flick/ On YouTube." YouTube! LOL! Anyway, listen to it here.


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If this is going to be anything like "Mimi", this song will just be okay and then the second single will be orgasmic. WBT was my jam freshman year, perhaps unfortunately for everybody else my dormitory floor.