Fake Housewife Of New York City

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Thanks, Babble, for pointing out Cookie mag's new socialite/mommy column by Tatiana Boncompagni Hoover, the daughter of an Italian Princess and wife of a vacuum cleaner scion. Tatty wants us to know that her glamorous life is not all "blowouts and red carpets. Like most moms, I wake up in the predawn hours to give my daughter her milk." She doesn't comb her hair! She "schleps." Her pre-baby jeans still feel tight! OMG guys she's just like us! "Each week, I am deluged with invitations that offer an evening of glamour and, more importantly, adult talk... I've been invited in-store cocktail hours, intimate dinners, a weekend jaunt to a swanky new hotel in Miami, even a spa week at a tony Anguilla resort." Still just like us, right? Oh wait. [Cookie via Babble]


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@bowlingfordollars: Personally, in my own semantic world, I make a difference between "rich" and "wealthy". My family is actually quite wealthy, but they're not the monsters you read about who spend 20 million to gold plate the undercarriage of their Hummers. People who do THAT are rich people.