Tampires: Tampons That Want To Suck Your Blood

Above is a clip of a commercial for a fake line of tampons called Tampires. The entire idea is so genius and the headline writers/horror enthusiasts in us can't believe we never thought of the pun before. Oh, and BTW, Tampires totally uses red liquid in the commercial instead of the standard aqua-blue.


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Hojeez. Now the government will catch wind that the nations tampoons are lazy foreigners and try to send them back over the border. Lets hope Tampy has the correct papers. He can stay in the country AND have all our period blood. Ah, 'tis the life for a tampire.

BTW, did anyone else notice the fact that when she says "let me introduce you to my period's new pal", she spreads her legs so he can fly out? Doesn't get better than that.