I Thee Dread

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Subversive artist Tobias Wong, who's made 24K gold pills "so your shit will sparkle" and mittens for smokers, has now designed a "Killer Engagement Ring." The diamond is mounted upside down, so that the sharp edge is pointing out. The point can cut skin down to the bone or be used to scratch a message on hard surfaces like cars and windows. In a word: Want. [BoingBoing]

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@Tanith: If you're joking: heh heh, definitely. If you're serious, please do not assume anything about me based on my sexual preference and decision to marry and have kids. I really hate that.

@treecut: My husband and I actually bought our wedding bands totally separately of each other. I bought mine without having him there and showed him when I got home. He got his online. i never understood the matchy thing as a must.