The Cast Of One Day At A Time Discusses MacKenzie's Druggie Past

The Today Show had the reunited cast of late 70s sitcom One Day At A Time on this morning, and Matt Lauer made sure to ask all the hard-hitting questions. About halfway in, Lauer began questioning Mackenzie Phillips about her coke-fueled dismissal from the show, and wrapped things up by asking Pat Harrington, Jr. (aka Schneider) about how he broke his Emmy. For those born after 1980, the show is about a divorced mom (Bonnie Franklin) taking care of her two teenage daughters (Mackenzie and Valerie Bertinelli) in Indianapolis. That might not seem like much now, but a divorced mom as a role model was a revolutionary concept when the show debuted in 1975. Look out for a surprise appearance by a "special" guest in the clip above.

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@dreamweave: Count me in as well. This was my favorite show when I was in high school. I didn't know anyone whose parents had divorced (small town) and this program was almost unreal for me. I spent hours trying to imagine what it would be like just living with my mom. Now I teach in a small town and man, have times ever changed!

*sigh* How did I ever get this old?