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What the fuck is this? It's an ad for coffee products. Perhaps they are fucking with us, because coffee is an addictive drug and therefore they could make an ad with coffee beans shooting out of Bob Dole's anus and you would still have to buy it? Or do Stella coffee products have special hallucinogenic properties? (Click tag to make it SCARIER.) [Copyranter]


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@WhateverCraig: Laundromat signs are hung upside-down? Now, granted, I've been lucky enough to have in-house laundry most of the time (in my dorm, in my apartment buildings, in my house in college after my roomies found a washer/dryer set for $150 on Craigslist and insisted we buy it so we could stop doing our laundry at the laundromat, as had been status quo for a year and a half), but in the times that I have relied on the laundromat, their signs were always right. Maybe it's just that Boston and DC aren't cool enough to have such innovative businessmen/women?

I'm down, I guess, with the idea of the coffee scorpion. But WHY is it crawling up her NOSE???????