"WHEN THE HELL DID 39-YEAR-OLD WOMEN GET TO BE SO SEXY SEE PG. 116" promises the April issue of Esquire. And hey, look, Rachel Hunter, she does look good. But as so often happens with Esquire and its attempts to make beautiful women seem also classy and intelligent and deep and wise, they give Hunter the customary "What I've Learned" interview... and fail to call her out on something kind of big. Click the pic to see what I'm talking about.

You know the old saying, "I wish I knew what I had then."

Uh, yeah, we know that saying. Like it's sort of the lyrics to that old Faces song! Surely you've heard of them, Rach!

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Thank you. That is exactly what I was thinking.


39 year old women have always been sexy. Where the hell have you been?