Is Not Being Horny A Diesase? Okay, Probably Not, But Should Big Science Keep Working On Female Viagra Anyhow?

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Do we need a women's Viagra? (Wiagra?) The pharmaceutical industrial complex is working on it, and the quest has divided the feminazi bonerkiller ranks! Some of us think we deserve insurance-paid hornytime parity with men. But the thing is: while erectile dysfunction is actually, you know, a palpable condition, "not feeling horny" is not. Um... but...couldn't they make it into one? Like, you know "social anxiety disorder"? Well yes! It's a new corporate-sponsored phenomenon called "hypoactive sexual desire disorder." But think of the implications of that, say the anti-Wiagra feminists! Like: not feeling like having sex is a disorder. Like there is something wrong with you. Like if you don't want enough sex you are basically just sponsoring a bill advocating your husband cheat on you with high-class call girls...


On second thought, you know what? Fuck the bonerkillers just this once. It turns out that Big Pharma's insatiable lust for profit seems to be funding a lot of interesting research on the female orgasm.

Like, why doesn't Viagra work on women? Well, Pfizer tested 3,000 of them, and figured out that prompting a rush of blood to the gonads didn't really do the trick. (It doesn't? I would think it would?)
"What we know is that very little of what's going on with women and sex is below the waist," Anita Clayton, co-author of a book called Satisfaction: Women, Sex and the Quest for Intimacy, tells the Washington Post. "Almost all of it is above the neck." Ugh, great. Well, then came this suntan drug that was supposed to make everyone horny (and tan!) but the FDA pulled the plug when it looked like high blood pressure was a side effect. (I have low blood pressure, guys, I'm sure it's safe for me!)


Anyway, for once in my life I have no real strong opinion. Except that all this reading about arousal is making me pretty sure I do not have the dread hypoactive sexual desire disorder.

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@Archetype: yeah, i've been on the pill for non-sex reasons forever (since mid- high school) so i have no idea if it's had an effect on my sex drive. i think it has, but i don't have a whole hell of a lot to compare it too.

but as going off the pill means debilitating cramps, i may never find out.