Oldies But Goodies

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In 1976, in the vein of True Religion or For All Mankind, there was a brand called Jesus Jeans. And the image at left was an actual ad. Lord! Literally! So many questions! Such as: What's with the well-lit bodyhair? The open zipper? The outie? And uh, begging forgiveness, Heavenly Father, cuz maybe this is a sin so close to Easter: But is this a man or a woman? And is this ad being marketed toward men or women? (Click image to enlarge.) [Via 70s Fashion by Taschen]


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Dances with Peeps

Thanks, SevenCrows, for the link. Checked out the site. There is an English version. Looks like they tried for a few years to start up the line again, but nothing new since 2004.

However, they do have the original ad up on the site, and a more extensive, brighter version of the photo used in the ad. It's definitely a female model. The pronounced curve of the waist, the incipient camel toe, and the general shape of the pelvis and thigh definitely belong to a young, slim woman.