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The "Miss Landmine Survivor" pageant will be held April 2nd in Luanda, Angola, reports the BBC. The contest, organized by Angola's de-mining commission, aims not only to give victims confidence, but to raise awareness. Millions of mines were planted in Angola during a 27-year civil war that ended in 2002. Tens of thousands of Angolans have lost limbs or suffered injuries from mines and the UN says that millions of landmines remain hidden in the country. Eighteen women will take part in the pageant: One from every province in the country. All of the contestants have been maimed by mines. [BBC News]

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MehBlahPfft Def. see your point, but unless they changed the rules, won't all but one... well... lose? Losing takes its toll on self esteem even for beauty queens. Like "Yes, you're beautiful, but not quite beautiful enough..." (or so I've heard the inner monologue goes...)