Real Housewives: Husband Crashes Girls Night Out, Pisses Off Girls

As we've witnessed on Real Housewives of New York City (and in real life in NYC), Alex and her husband Simon are attached at the hip, to the point that it seems unnatural. In fact, their codependency has been a major plot point on the series, because it kinda freaks out the other women cast members. On last night's episode, Bethenny threw a "girl's night out" dinner party at Jill's apartment, but Alex decided to bring Simon. This really pissed off Ramona. She had a meltdown and then abruptly got up from the dinner table to go hang out with her girlfriends downtown. She was kind of rude, but honestly we don't really blame her. There's always that one woman who can't be out in public without her BF/husband, and dealing with that shit gets really old, really fast. Clip above.


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Alex and Simon are MASSIVELY creepy. I mean "Girls Night Out" ding ding ding: no boys allowed! STILL, I thought Ramona was ABSOLUTELY out of line. The only person who COULD have gotten that miffed with Simon would be Bethany, since she was hosting the party. LuAnn put it best "Now that he's here, we're going to make him feel welcome, aren't we?" One should always be gracious.

Though I do have to say, I thought the most intriguing/stomach turning part of the episode was MY DARLING LuAnn saying "When you introduce me to a driver or something, it's Mrs. Delesseps. My husband would have been horrified. MRS. Delesseps. Like with kids or something."

SERIOUSLY? Are you KIDDING ME?! THAT is a complete lack of class. Class is how you treat people: ALL people. Even "the help."