Christina Silva, who was crowned Miss California USA on November 25th and had her crown revoked three days later, is suing the Miss California USA pageant over allegations of rigging and racial bias. Silva, who is Hispanic, claims that Keith Lewis, the director of the pageant, was uncomfortable with her speaking Spanish and felt that it might detract from the "caliber" and "all American girl" image of the contest. Lewis says that claims of racial bias are unfounded because two of the recent winners have been African American and the current winner (who was crowned in place of Silva) is "25 percent Filipino." Well that settles it! But this suit raises an interesting question: are Hispanic Americans regarded as being less "American" when they openly speak Spanish? Also, isn't this picture of Silva before she was de-crowned so ironic? [WWLTV]

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I have an irrational rage toward those who are all, "YOU'RE IN AMERICA, SPEAK AMERICAN!" I'm so glad that in MN (where I live) I'm starting to see more and more stores with signs in spanish, hmong, vietnamese, etc. The lingual diversity feels American to me, not this insistence that everyone speak the same.