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Loose Lips

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Even though they are estranged, Jon Voight says that daughter Angelina Jolie is a hero. "I think she's terrific. God bless her!" Jon said to Us about Angie's charity work. • A lawsuit was just filed by a former People freelancer who says her photographer ex-boyfriend, Darren Banks, set Heath Ledger up by plying him with cocaine and videotaping him with it in order to make money. The whole thing is so weird and tacky. • Cameron Diaz says she would have been a zoologist had the whole acting thing not worked out. She tells W, "I wanted to be a zoologist, to study the sociology of animals. But that's pretty much what I do now anyway. I thought I'd be on the plains of Africa watching lions, but instead I'm in Hollywood watching train wrecks." [Us, TMZ, Dlisted]


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My position is just one of distaste with this whole media whoring thing. But when the whole world was on their "Claire Danes is a homewrecker" madness, I was one to always say, "Excuse me? How can you judge, and if you can, why is that judgment not 'Billy Crudup is a scumbag'? Why are you blaming her there?". So I'm not one of those people who hate Jolie because she is a "man stealer", or who love her cause I wish I were hot enough to be a "man stealer", or who loves Aniston cause I am terrified of a hotter woman "stealing my man".

I just think this whole thing is pretty gross, and I thought that things both of these women did before Pitt were pretty disgusting too - Angelina's previous statements about cutting and her other issues glamorizing them, her father, Billy Bob; Aniston's previously doing her dirty laundry on her breakup with Tate Donovan. And maybe I missed the magazine covers with Dern going "wah wah Angelina took my man", cause I recall her mentioning it but the same way Brittany Murphy mentioned Ashton Kutcher leaving her, a couple sentences in interviews about other stuff. Not magazine covers specifically devoted to it. That I can respect. Making a huge deal about it, no, I can't.