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UK superstore Tesco is drawing negative attention for selling a plunging padded bra designed for 7- to 8-year-old girls. Fashion lecturer David Morris called the bra "salacious"; some moms are "shocked" and find the bra "appalling." But in true business-speak-spin, A Tesco spokesperson says: "It is a product designed for girls at that self-conscious age when they are just developing. It is designed to cover up, not flatter, and was developed after speaking to parents. It is described as a padded bra for trade description reasons." Because, you know, it's a padded bra. Which will make an 8-year-old's breasts look bigger. [Telegraph]

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I had boobs at 10, but I never thought of buying a padded bra until I was married. Cause when I was a teen, why would I want more attention drawn to my boobs? And when I was single, it was always "awkward... imagine if I'm wearing a Wonderbra and then when I remove it, the guy is disappointed!". Only when I was married and felt things starting to go South that I worried as much.

And as for the nipple situation, those sports-bra type bras made of lycra thicker than the one in Lindsay Lohan's leggings cover up the nipples in the cold just fine. Plus, when you are young you are wearing t-shirts, not a silk blouse or anything that doesn't provide additional coverage. It is 2 thick layers and it is enough.