The Dangerous Look For Girls

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"Model" Alicia Douvall is 28-years old. She just had her 12th boob job and has a 12-year old daughter, Georgia. And what did little Georgia ask her mother for for her 13th birthday? An iPhone, perfume, and implants of her own. Says Georgia: "I think my mum looks good. Because of her, I think it's normal to have surgery if something's not quite right." Alicia's reply? "I think a 16-year-old with a nice, sexy figure will do really well as a model as long as she's managed well. That's why I'm happy for Georgia to have a boob job because it will give her a career." And as an added gift, Alicia is throwing in a name change, throwing out her daughter's current moniker in favor of a new one, "Destiny". And what does Georgia have to say about that? "I don't mind which one I'm called. It was Mum's idea." And mother always knows best. [Daily Mail]


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If my memory for useless celebrity gossip serves me correctly, Alicia Duvall is actually American, but came to Britain to launch her topless career...

I've never (thankfully) seen her do topless, but she is famed for kiss and tells in the Sunday tabloids...I seem to remember her doing one about P Diddy (or whatever name he was using then) and getting pregnant by him (apparently suffering a miscarriage). She also has a penchant for footballers...

She is batshit fucking crazy...and her 'career' as anything other than scorned shrew is on the skids in Britain...the last TV appearance she made was in 'Help me Anthea, I'm Infested!' about her various vermin problems in the home.

Someone should take the child and get her out of there...