Polygamist Wives "Inspire" Spring Trends; Jail Guards Tase Cat To Death

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• Hot new trend: polygamist pastels? Yeah, whatever.• Facials that involve steam and extractions are bad for your skin. • NPR's "Fresh Air" host, Terry Gross, once got fired from a job as an inner-city school teacher. • Indigenous girls in Australia were forced to get contraceptive implants when they were as young as 12 years old. • The late Anita Roddick, founder of The Body Shop donated her entire fortune to charity. • Matthew Shepard's mother continues to campaign for gay rights. • Battered women get a "Princess Day to rebuild self-esteem. • The chief of police in Tehran was jailed after found nude with six women in a brothel raid. • In 5 years, scientists may be able to grow sperm from skin cells. • Stellamaris Mulaeh, a young Kenyan, tries to resolve ethnic divisions in her country. • Guards at an O.C. jail tased a cat to death. • Men are more likely than women to have mild cognitive impairment. • Adorable Iowans pull prank on neighbor's lawn and promise to help clean it up!

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The lack of brain activity can be attributed to religious cult brainwashing, which is more vigorous in the case of women. There is inbreeding, lack of education, mental and physical abuse - and of course the ever popular raped by an old geezer the cult married you off to at the age of 14.

Read "Escaped" by Carolyn Jessop - and "Under the Banner of Heaven" by Jon Krakauer.

The reason this has been ignored for decades is that it's only women and children - and women and children aren't valued in our society. I'm betting that a way will be found to return those kids, sweep the whole mess under the rug, and the FLDS will go back to business as usual.