Plus-Size Miss England Contestant Would Like To See Your Bikini Line

She's 176 lbs. and she just might become the next Miss England. 17-year old Chloe Marshall says she entered the world of pageants to teach people that "big is beautiful." Surely with her winning smile and an attitude that's as gorgeous as her body, she'll go far. And if she doesn't? Well, Chloe says she'd love to make a career out of being a professional waxer. Dream big, Chloe. Watch a CNN piece on the amazing Miss Marshall, above.


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Rooo sez BISH PLZ

Jeez. How about if she put a little of the Miss Surrey money she's already won into R& and figure out a method of permanent hair removal that

1) doesn't scar

2) doesn't burn

3) actually WORKS?!?

I'd make an appointment for that. I'd even travel overseas for the permanent hair removal if she and her subsequent invention just refused to come to NYC.

Why doesn't anyone do anything useful anymore?