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Cumming To A Smut Shop Near You: The Eliot Splitz-Her Story

Illustration for article titled Cumming To A Smut Shop Near You: iThe Eliot Splitz-Her Story/i

Well, it was bound to happen: The Eliot Spitzer call girl scandal has been turned into a porn film and the title is perfect: Gov Lov: The Eliot Splitz-Her Story. (How great is it that the DVD box cover looks like the New York Post? Fleshbot has the NSFW version of the box cover.) The film is being released by Hustler, which has a long history of making sex and politics strange bedfellows. "This movie parody is an example of one of the reasons I went to the Supreme Court in 1988 — to make parody protected speech," Hustler publisher Larry Flynt said via a press release we received last night. The movie comes out May 27, but you can see the trailer after the jump. (No worries, it's safe for work.)


Plot synopsis from the press release:

Mike Horner, who bears a striking resemblance to the former governor, eagerly places his order with the Pimperor's Club. As "Client 69," he agrees to fork over thousands for an all-expense-paid trip so that his mistress, Kristen, can meet him in Washington, D.C. Kristen, played by Cassandra Cruz, arrives at the governor's hotel to find him eagerly awaiting her arrival. Watch as the governor reveals his overzealous sex drive and gets sucked and fucked by his sexy mistress. "Client 69" is under the impression that he is going to get away with his sexcapade, but little does he know there are FBI agents on a stakeout in the next room. The agents, played by Van Damage and Veronica Jett, are so incredibly turned on by what they are overhearing in the governor's room that they decide to have some fun of their own.


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Someone please tell me how I get a job coming up with the names for pornos. Please. Please please please.