The Cosmos

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"10 Questions You Can't Ask Anyone" was the tantalizing Cosmo Girl!cover line that won our hard-earned $3.49 this month. The touted story is a Nancy Redd advice column that addresses the usual array of teen "ick!" topics — stretch marks, itchy asses, third nipples. (One in 20 women have one!) But then there was this one, uh, unexpected question that for some reason doesn't seem made up. (Click the pic to see.)

Illustration for article titled The Cosmos

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Mama Penguino

@Screwvenir: Fused labia are real. It's called a labial adhesion and my niece had it. The labia majora are sort of stuck together and you have to rub estrogen cream on it over time to gently wedge them apart. Poor thing! I hope she sees a doctor soon! It's very scary-looking; sort of smooth like Barbie. Don't make fun of this girl, people!