Tom Cruise On Oprah, Day 2: The Fart Scene In Rainman Was Totally Real

Today was the second part of Oprah's two-day extravaganza with boring, sedentary Tom Cruise. This time, Tom actually came to Oprah's studio and appeared in front of her audience, and the whole thing was just a big ego stroke, as the entire show seemed to consist of pre-taped anecdotes and congratulatory well-wishes from other actors and directors who've worked with the actor over the past 25 years. The best tidbit, though, came from Tom's Rainman costar Dustin Hoffman, who revealed that the fart scene in the phone booth was actually ad libbed, after Dustin let a real stinky one rip. Clip above.

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That screen cap is hilarious. Despite the well-wishes, the old clips and cobwebbed anecdotes, he looks like he needs medication.