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Barbara Walters On Oprah: "Star Jones Was So Obese She Could Barely Walk Onto The View Set"

Barbara Walter's memoir Audition hit shelves today, and she appeared on Oprah to talk about it. Babs has spilled her guts into this book, and it's a true tell-all, since she's telling every fucking thing there is to tell. She went into detail on some of it with O, namely, Star Jones (first she was fat and nice, then she got thin and annoying), Rosie O'Donnell (she has severe emotional problems and would scream at Barbara in fits of rage), her torrid 2-year affair with a married black politician (she never considered herself a mistress), her troubled adopted daughter (who was on drugs and ran away from home), and her mentally-disabled sister (whom she resented for being mentally-disabled). B. Dub said she was actually considering naming the book Sister, because her sister has been such a huge influence on her life. (Could you imagine!? Nobody would ever guess that Sister was an autobiography of a white woman knocking on 80 years old!) Clip above.


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Rooo sez BISH PLZ

I know people who have had the bypass and dropped not a pound.

I also know people who have worked out for 3 hours daily and restricted their eating, all according to their professional nutritionists' guidelines from, like, the Duke program, and dropped not a pound.

So, since as a culture we will never stop persecuting the fat — which apparently these days is short for "larger than size zero" — until such time as the recession really kicks in and only the wealthiest 1% can afford to eat and the vogue changes accordingly, we could drop the subject???

* * * * * * * *

OT, I cannot believe what is coming out of Baba's mouth — and books — these days.

Did she just fire her entire PR team or something? Or is she just swimming in residuals to the tune of "Don't Give a D*mn"?