WowOWow is like Jezebel for women who actually know what a literal douchebag looks like. And it can be kinda infuriating! One post today is an elegy to the "ladykiller." ("Most lacked money, status, stability and looks. Italian poet and adventurer Gabriele D'Annunzio, the celebrated 'Don Juan' of the fin de siecle, was short, 'ugly' and usually poor, but the queenpins of Europe fainted at his feet.") Um, we are pretty sure those dudes still roam the earth. Then there is this thing about how Hillary Clinton reminds the author of this one time she got dumped for a less-intelligent young thing and she couldn't let it go and spent the next five years writing "articles, nominally on other topics, but really about him and the way he dumped me." Um, and this pertains to Hillary... ah whatever. I figure if I can't think of a good way to piss you guys off today, you might as well check them out. [WoWoW]

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I was into it for a second, but only while misreading one of their "Conversation" quotes from Lily Tomlin that should have said "Think of the universe as one big orgasm"...when it was really "organism." Darn.