Change is afoot at the Wall Street Journal: the storied newspaper (and my former employer) has launched a site for women that aims to draw in more readers from the sex that shops. Perhaps surprisingly, I'm not actually sure how I feel about this. On one hand, it's kind of genius that there is now a place for blog digressions on how the fuck that recently profiled Lehman Brothers executive manages due diligence in those stripper-height stilettos. On the other hand, pairing a week-old story about "curbing mindless eating" with a pic of Hillary Clinton is probably the type of cheap traffic driver that would offend me if I weren't lacking that reflex. And on that note, here's an amusing screengrab from today's Wall Street Journal I thought I would share with my women readers.



What can I say ladies, it's a boy's club out there.

Journal Women [WSJ]