Can Reggie Love Hold His Roofies?

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Yesterday in Crappy Hour we totally labored over an epic piece on shifting philosophies inside the jihadist movement, but all the regular readers wanted to do was objectify the opposite sex, so in case you missed it, here's a link again to that 9-page photo album of Barack Obama's somewhat handsome aide Reggie Love. Well, yesterday a reader sent us a tenth picture that really completes the whole album. (Click the pic!) We looked at it, immediately thought of making some DrunkenStepfather type joke in the interest of upholding Title IX, then decided to…take another stroll through the photo album. Dude. That's what I'm talking about. [Truth About Duke]

Illustration for article titled Can Reggie Love Hold His Roofies?

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@Mrs. Cannon: Haha, ok, I see what you're going for—and I agree that that phenomenon exists. I disagree that that's what's going on here though. Spent much time in the young politico circles of DC? These are, by and large, NOT beautiful people. I mean, I definitely see that this guy is not Taye Diggs—and that saying he is kind of becomes a (fetishistic) variation on "All black people look alike"—but for me at least (or, for what I am thinking consciously, anything—can't speak for my subconscious!), this was more... in the Congressional staffers context, for example, this guy might as well be Taye Diggs.

[Background: an old friend of mine who works on the Hill and who REALLY looks like 26 year old Helen Hunt just married a dude who has only a better hairline to keep him from being mistaken for Paul Giamatti. In that context, if I run into Reggie Bush at the Hawk & Dove, I am going to f'ing stoked ;) ]