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After This Week, We Never Want To Hear The Words "Manolo" or "Cosmo" Ever Again

Illustration for article titled After This Week, We Never Want To Hear The Words Manolo or Cosmo Ever Again
  • Unless you're living in a closet on Mars, you know that the Sex and the City movie premiered today.
  • Slut Machine live blogged it wearing flip flops and eating some skittles. Suck on that, Louboutin wearers.
  • The only part of the Sex and the City franchise that we're not sick of is Pat Field and her fabulous, gay, Payless lifestyle.
  • Tyra Banks revealed her plans for world domination in the New York Times.
  • TyTy sort of looked like a Bratz doll on that Times Mag cover; Bratz are also involved in world domination schemes
  • Instead of casting a black actress in the forthcoming movie Stuck, they decided to get Mena Suvari in cornrows. Sigh.
  • We didn't get cornrows at summer camp. We hated it anyway.

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What? No shout out to Sunsoul, maker of the totally bogus clothing line that cures your skin problems?