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We've mentioned the awesome Hedy Lamarr before, but a new play, Frequency Hopping, has more details on the movie star who was also a "shrewd inventor." Lamarr's husband, a Austrian Fascist weapons manufacturer, dragged her to business meetings in an effort to derail her acting career. She walked away from the unhappy marriage, but ended up developing a way to make radio-guided weapons resilient to detection and jamming. She patented her technology, but the U.S. Navy didn't take her very seriously ("We won't be needing your services here in Washington," they allegedly said.) But "frequency hopping," as it is called, was used during the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962 and now, in wireless technologies like cell phones. Awesome: We're basically honoring Ms. Lamarr's memory every time we make a call on the go! [Scientific American]

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Why was she bothering to trying to impress men? She already HAD a husband...

*sigh* Very cool when brainy women are recognized. I plan to create a home-made book full of pictures and brief bios of brilliant, bold, and boisterous women for my kids one day*. I think we have a new entry...

*based on a book I continually got out of the library on awesome women throughout history. Queen Elizabeth was always my favorite...