She's Got The Look: "Old" Is The New "Plus-Size"

Today, TV Land aired a 30-minute preview of She's Got the Look, which is basically ANTM for the over 35 set. I was kinda skeptical about the show (so is the NY Times), but I changed my mind after watching this preview and seeing the absolute crazy ladies auditioning (and cast!), the bitchy looks judge Beverly Johnson gives, and the stupid shit the other two judges (one, the president of Wilhelmina, the other, that celeb stylist guy with the shades on his head) like, "I see someone that I'd love to go shopping with, but I don't know if you're what we're looking for in a model," or "You have a tiny head," and "You do have a face." Clip above.

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Rooo sez BISH PLZ

@SouthernComfort: Whenever I think "What in the world would make a brown-eyed girl turn blue" I then think, "Drinking liquid Drano?"

@hortense: There is no way His Purple Highness wouldn't charge them a squillion dollars more than they could afford just because he didn't want them to sully his creation.

I was dreamin' when I wrote this, so 'scuse me if it goes astray.