George Carlin: "Pro-Life Is Anti-Woman"

George Carlin was able to make so much sense because he looked at each topic from every angle possible, and then whittled his arguments down to common sense. And anytime a man can spit out common sense about a woman's right to choose, he automatically wins us over. (Carlin was also able to recognize that feminists can be as militant and unreasonable as any other group, and that anyone who attempts to censor a person is the party that's in the wrong.) He'll be missed.

Pro Life Is Anti-Woman - George Carlin [YouTube]


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@bria: I think what I have to say about this has mostly already been said, but: Yeah, I don't think you got it. And I don't think you quite understand the core principals of Carlin's humor and Carlin's life itself — that everything is funny, everything is fair game, and the minute you make something "off limits" you threaten freedom itself. Growing up idolizing Lenny Bruce — and watching how obscenity charges and obscenity trials didn't just destroy his career, but his entire life — George Carlin has always been a stauch defender of the freedom of speech and expression, the freedoms that the concept of freedom itself is founded on. And "staunch" isn't strong enough of a word.

George also once said: "Frisbeetarianism is the belief that when you die, your soul goes up to the roof and gets stuck." I hope the view from the roof is beautiful.

He is already desperately missed.