Conservatism Is Not Dead

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  • Rush Limbaugh got the most gigantic deal in the history of practically all media, well, except for Howard Stern, but way bigger than Madonna, so it's a good thing he tips well. All this time I had no idea that his radio show went on the air at exactly 12:06 p.m. His fleet of houses and cars are something out of Cribs; Ira Glass and Al Sharpton and sundry other liberals who have actually listened to his show admire his mind and his wit but when he first came to New York he was shunned for his conservatism and the painful memories of that experience have lingered and blackened into dogmatic fact-avoidance, and you can read all that and more in this Times Magazine preview so you don't have to spoil your Sunday thinking about him and his twenty million listeners fucking up the election somehow. (Unrelated: What is it about painkiller addiction that's never quite compelling enough for reporters to ask dark revelatory questions? And yes I'm talking to you, everyone who's ever profiled Cindy McCain.) [NYT]
  • The market is "officially" a bear, having fallen 20% from its peak last fall. I can't believe anyone last fall thought it was a good time to have a record-high Dow Jones Industrial Index, but…I guess that's why they got out. [WSJ]
  • Hitchens wonders if his waterboarders might have been able to confess being a hermaphrodite. [Vanity Fair]
  • If the fact that the Bush of all people might be on the verge of shutting down Guantanamo is any indication…[ABC News]
  • The Colombian military rescued fifteen hostages, including the idealistic French-Colombian politician and six year confinement veteran Ingrid Betancourt. (Here's the Betancourt primer.) [BBC]
  • John McCain got into a physical confrontation with a Sandinista that scared Thad Cochran back in January but Thad is no longer scared now that McCain is old and frail…[Sun Herald]
  • And spineless…[Crooks and Liars]


His persona and show are so sad to me because he is unbending and not someone you can have a conversation with. He just rants and screams and bitches and moans and it's all so negative. I listen every now and again just to hear what he's saying, I can't listen too long. I'm pretty liberal, maybe more moderate because I do have a couple of more conservative leanings on certain things. And I like to debate people, just not when it turns into something ugly. Rush doesn't debate, it's his way or the highway.

And he's a hypocrite. He's so conservative on criminal justice issues and it's insane, he paid no price for his own illegal activity, and people with 10-year-old pretty minor drug convictions have difficulties finding employment, and yet he gets $400 million? And he could've and shou'd but didn't use his position to discuss addiction and self medication and mental illness and all that good stuff. It's such a disappointment when people are given such a platform and do shit with it.

And, again, $400 million?! Aren't we in a recession?

I can't believe I just wrote so much about Rush. In my defense, I'm stoned.