Writer: Little Girls Are A Threat To HuManity

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Men are simple creatures, and yet it is they who by necessity run the world and so we must stop distracting them with our dirty pillows (when we eventually get them) and bare midriffs and - horrors! - back tattoos lest we taunt them into such a state of perpetual arousal that they utterly fuck up the world (though some might argue it's too late). Or so says Kathleen Parker, whose new book Save the Males is out to save the poor, battered men of the world by forcing us libidinous sluts of all ages from taunting them with the possibility of sex. We'd rip her so-called logic to shreds some more, but were saved the trouble by our new blog crush, Jeff Fecke, who responded:

The fact is that when I see a woman who is attractive (or dressed attractively, which is not necessarily the same thing), I know that she isn't being attractive for my enjoyment. She is not a thing for me to use. She's a human being, doing her own thing.

Feminism is damn sexy on a man.

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Stranger Bird

@southernbitch: "Showing up to the office in what amounts to a teddy."?? Really? What office is this? Because I was excited at my lax dress code that lets me wear jeans and Converse.

And I agree with all the commenters who have said that the kind of attitude that Kathleen Parker's showing is really saying that men are weak and have no control over their desires. I don't really understand how that fits in with other views that you usually find associated with people who believe that women get raped because they dress provocatively.