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Victoria Beckham kicks it Balthus-style in the latest Allure. The scrawny songstress recreates the famously little girl-loving artist's Golden Days to somewhat wanton effect. In the cover story, Posh waxes on clothes (she likes 'em) and food (she eats it.) [Kickette]


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"Scrawny" isn't a very nice word...

Actually, I will say this, I DO NOT like Poshy-woshy but I was super-annoyed, like, six months ago, Barbara Walters interviewed her and brought up her size and everyone made a big deal out of the fact that Victoria admitted that she did not eat any junk food. ("Do you eat cookies?!" "No." "Do you eat cake?" "No. I don't eat any of those things.") Yeah, of COURSE she doesn't! MOST people do not GET or STAY super-thin while eating crap.