Couples Yoga Will Save Your Ailing Marriage... Or Not

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The phrase "spice up your sex life" gets almost 200,000 hits on Google. We're collectively so bored with our longterm significant others that there are several industries and hundreds of self-help books that have sprouted in the chasm left by sexual frustration. The Minneapolis Star Tribune introduces us to yet another activity meant to fill that gaping sex void: couples yoga! "Building intimacy was precisely the goal for Michael and Julie Fink of Plymouth," says the paper. "Married for four years, with three young adult children between them, the Finks saw in yoga date night an opportunity to deepen their relationship."


Deepen their relationship? Really? Through playing what's described as an "an adult version of airplane"? I don't mean to disparage this if it truly works for some couples, but are we really so disconnected, physically and emotionally, from our longtime loves that we need to do some bendy faux-Eastern philosophical shit to relate to each other again?

It reminds me of that episode in My So-Called Life, you know, the one where Patty and Graham go ballroom dancing and it starts out horribly and then it makes them all lovey for a little while and Graham decides not to cheat on Patty? But then when the series ends, he's about to boink Hallie Lowenthal anyway? Yeah, that's kind of my point. If your relationship is in trouble, yoga ain't helping. Though it seems like the airplane thing could be fun.

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Why not just have legs over the head sex? That works for the Mr. and I.

This is one of those things that will only work if you both already like Yoga. If you think Yoga has some magical properties that will make your marriage better— fail. That said, just taking time out to do something non-marriage related (be with kids, pay bills, clean, visit families, etc.) together can work wonders.