Twiggy Hosts New Clothing Swap Show • Nightclub Overturns "No Fatties" Ban

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ixties supermodel and former ANTM judge, Twiggy, will host a three-part TV show about clothing swap parties that are apparently a huge trend somewhere. • Women in the Krebet village in Indonesia are keeping the ancient craft of batik wood figures and textiles alive thanks to the growing popularity for batik items in the West. • One of America's best chances for a gold medal is with the women's water polo team! Too bad no one watches water polo. • An Australian Vogue editor snipes that a Queen Bee bully and cycle winner from Australia's Next Top Model "scrubbed up all right" but she is "no Alice Burdeu." Who?

• A 12-year-old girl who was lost in the Blue Mountains while hiking with her family stayed warm with a flag she found in a vacant cabin. • Female artists in China find it hard to succeed in the male-dominated art world but they have "some of the most innovative work around." • New bills have been introduced to the House and Senate to help combat domestic violence against Native American women. • A nightclub that banned fat women (in their words, "morbidly obese") because they wanted to "protect" their failing business overturned the ban when they realized not letting people into your business is really bad for business. • Meanwhile Fabulous magazine finds that most men are content (link mildly NSFW) with their size 12 significant others (although most women still want to lose weight). • Why are people quick to call a man gay for experimenting with another man while maintaining their hetero status but shrug of straight women's lesbian kisses? • A graphic novel by Katherine Arnoldi called The Amazing True Story of A Teenage Single Mom supports rather than mocks teenage mothers. • With Barbie failing Mattel releases "My Meebas" a plush a tube...with a LCD screen, or something? You know you are getting old when new toys confuse you.

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Clothing Swaps aka Bitch and Switch! Bitch ("I'm too fat for this now! I haven't been a four in years!") and Switch ("You wear it! I love this skirt!") Awesome. My book club has slowly turned into this so I pretty much get new clothing every month.