Charo Is Cuchi-Cuchi Cute

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[Miami, August 6. Image via Flynet]


Charo! lordy, I'm old. I remember her visits to the Johnny Carson show. My dad (RIP), always loved her. He said "She acts like an airhead, but I can tell she's got brains. My kinda gal!"

She is, indeed a very talented guitarist, singer and dancer. She traveled for years with Xavier Cugat.

from wikipedia:

"As a result of her training and skill she has been named "Best Flamenco Guitarist" in Guitar Player Magazine's readers' poll twice. One of Charo's regrets is that because of her flamboyant stage presence, she has been overlooked as a serious guitar player.

When Charo was quite young, she was "discovered" by famous bandleader Xavier Cugat, whom she later wed on August 7, 1966."