Loose Lips

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TMZ is reporting that Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer broke up — not because she wants his manjuice for a baby, as claimed by other outlets, — but because her dog, Norman, hated him. She chose the doggie over John! A choice we'd make as well. • Desperate Housewives creator Marc Cherry told Us that Eva Longoria is "desperately trying" to get pregnant. Dude, stay out of your employees' uteri! • Katie Holmes apparently designed the dress she wore at the Tropic Thunder premiere. Considering the bodice of the dress looks like it's duct tape, it's not at all a surprise. [TMZ, Us, People]


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Katie Holmes dress was, at the very least, confusing. Was it some type of suede on the bottom? Really? And was it supposed to be like leather or something on the top? Really?!? Ruffled leather? All dyed to match her shoes? It boggles the mind.