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"Following an undercover operation, Colorado police this month broke up a prostitution operation running out of a massage parlor known as Tokyo Sauna. Broomfield Police Department officers arrested a 54-year-old woman on a prostitution charge and a 65-year-old male customer for patronizing a hooker." The woman who runs the brothel was charged with, um, being a madam. And the lady's name? Mi Sook You. I know. Makes you really consider the ramifications of naming a child, doesn't it? [The Smoking Gun]

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The elementary school principal has a Japanese surname. My daughter's former babysitter is Nigerian and still speaks her birth language quite fluently. The babysitter once called me at work, quite upset, over my daughter's apparent disregard of authority and use of profanity. She was upset until I took the school newsletter to the babysitter's house to show her the principal's name. Turns out, in the babysitter's native language, the proper pronunciation of the principal's name is also the proper pronunciation of a vulgar word for vagina.

When the babysitter's son started school the following year, she was unable to call the principal by her proper name, and instead refered to her as "The Woman in Command".

(Which in retrospect, is a better description of her anyways.)