Kathie Lee And Hoda's 4th Hour Of Today Is So Bad It's (Almost) Good

If you're around a TV at 10 AM with nothing to do, you should be watching the fourth hour of Today with Hoda Kotb and Kathie Lee Gifford, if only to marvel at how Kathie Lee has turned Hoda, a world-traveled, Peabody-award-winning journalist, into a fellow yenta. That fourth hour is a vacuous space, filled with Hoda and Kathie Lee's theater reviews, occasional dancing, segments on bloating and how to make sandwiches. I think it's eclipsed The View as my new favorite hour of mid-morning television, kitsch-wise. Above is a reel of some of Kathie's and Hoda's best moments from this week.
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Erin Gloria Ryan

Whenever I forget my iPod, or when it is out of batteries, I always end up sitting or standing near women having this exact conversation on the bus or train.