"The Mother Of All Storms"

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For those in southern Texas, Louisiana and Mississippi, we don't need to tell you about the Category 4 storm currently tearing its way north in the Gulf of Mexico. For those who aren't there - or don't know - a massive, massive hurricane is bearing down on the Gulf Coast of the United States, one that New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin is now calling "the storm of the century". At the request of a number of readers, we're putting up this short post - not to announce news updates about the storm (we suggest you rely on television, radio, the internet and other people for that) - but to provide a forum for interested parties to converse. Good luck, all, and Godspeed. [CNN]

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A Small Turnip

Why does calling it "the storm of the century" cover Nagin's ass? Forgive me, I'm a Brit who has no idea about these things. I know he was criticised for not effectively getting people out of New Orleans before Katrina, but isn't galvanising the evacuation of New Orleans a smart move this time? Considering that it's still very vulnerable? Or have the levees been completely reinforced and fortified?

Is Mayor Nagin viewed with respect anymore after Katrina? Or do people in New Orleans think he's full of crap?

Sorry for all the questions. I'm just intensely curious and worried about this storm. As a shit-scared English person with no hurricane experience, I would be getting the fuck outta there so fast I'd barely have time to pull my pants up. I don't know if it's usual to frighten people into evacuating.