John Mark Karr: Single Again • First Afghan Policewomen Join Force

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Hey ladies! Self-professed (but not actual) Jon Benet murderer, famewhore extraordinaire, and total creep John Mark Karr is single again. • Eva Mendes' role in The Women continues the prevalent stereotype of Latina women as being not only hypersexualized but "superaggressive spitfires" who are overly passionate and emotional, as well as violent. • Perhaps the Times was inspired by our own Tracie Egan when editors made a man walk in heels. (The consensus? Heels hurt!)• Twenty-two Afghan women joined the ranks of the Afghan National Police after completing five months of training, making them the first policewomen in Afghan history. •• Meanwhile, women in India are being trained as security guards to fulfill an increasing demand for female guards in retail shops, malls, and on the subway. • A new study has linked music taste to particular personality traits and found that metal fans are gentle, indie rock listeners lack self-esteem, and pop lovers are uncreative. • Yuriko Koike, the former defense minister of Japan and current contender for the prime minister (which would make her the first female PM in Japan) says that Japan doesn't have a "glass ceiling" but an "iron plate" against female advancement. • Policy Exchange, a think tank favored by Tory party leaders, recommends that the government give tax benefits to the tune of about $1,000 a month to women who chose to stay home with their newborn children instead of working. • Meanwhile, Steve Biddulph, an "expert on parenting" in Australia says that the government should adopt a paid 1-year maternity leave for new mothers to encourage new mothers to avoid child care. • With so many male Asian American designers being shown this week at New York Fashion Week (Phillip Lim, Peter Som, Derek Lam, Alexander Wang, to name a few) it is hard to remember that the first Asian designers to take over the Western market were mostly women, including Vera Wang, Vivienne Tam, and Anna Sui. • This season Broadway will focus more on the psyche of dudes with revivals and musicals like A Man For All Seasons, Equus, and All My Sons. • The Australian-born feminist, Germaine Greer laments the lack of "proper" statues of famous women in England. • A new study has found that women over 70 who sleep no more than 5 hours a night have a 50% increased risk of falling down two or more times during the year. • Sad! Bella, a labrador from England who was believed to be the world's oldest dog died on Saturday at the age of 29. •

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Latina women aren't the only women stereotyped as hypersexualized, super-aggro, overly passionate and emotional.

I'd like it if we could kill that ignorant stereotype for all women.

I don't know if that Australian is an expert on parenting, but I think it would be great to have a year's paid leave for mothers and father's who are primary care givers.