Exiled: Teen Whines Her Way Into A Ticket To The Arctic Circle

On last night's Exiled, the absolutely worst Super Sweet 16 brat thus far, Chelsi, was shipped off to the most punishing locale weather wise thus far. It's one thing to shovel elephant dung and carry jugs of water in warm climates like those in Thailand and Africa. It's totally different to be in danger of getting frostbite while freezing your ass off in the frozen tundra of the Arctic Circle. Chelsi, an 18-year-old girl who doesn't do her own laundry, her own hair, or know how to pack her own suitcase, was sent to live in a teepee and herd reindeer with a Norwegian family. And while she certainly bitched and moaned a bunch once she was in the cold, some of her more ridiculous behavior happened before she even left home. Clip above.


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They shoulda left her up there.