Live From New York: The Project Runway Fashion Show & The Case Of The Missing J. Lo

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This is it! The moment every Project Runway designer dreams of: a moment in the spotlight during Fashion Week at NYC's Bryant Park. Who will show a collection? Who is an actual finalist? Who is a decoy? Where is Jennifer Lopez??? The live blog begins after the jump.8:43: I'm on line. Jennifer & Kelli from the current season came together.

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9:08: Rachel Zoe is here of course. At least, I think it's her. The hair and the big glasses...could be anyone, I guess. 9:09: Here's Heidi's seat:

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9:10 I am in the tent in my seat now. I saw Heidi and Michael Kors' seats; they will be facing me so I can see their reactions. 9:11: Breaking rumor: Matt Sullivan says that Jennifer Lopez bailed. 9:13: Ooh, Christian Siriano! He is so wee! 9:15: There's Fern Mallis. She has such groovy glasses. 9:16: A voice keeps repeating: "Ladies and gentlemen, take your seats." But there's so much hubbub. 9:17: Christian just took a pic with a little girl who looks to be about 6 years old. I could cute. 9:18: The usher who showed me my seat said, "I love Jezebel". 9:18: I see Jay McCarroll. 9:19: STELLA! 9:20: She is wearing a leather top and skirt, very retro. But studded. 9:21: Um, Rachel Zoe IS here, but it's not the person I thought it was. 9:22: Okay, the rumor is confirmed: No Jennifer Lopez. We're supposed to call her publicist if we want a statement. 9:23: Aw, Michael Kors' mom in front row. Harvey Weinstein is sitting between Rachel Zoe and Fern Mallis. 9:24: Tabitha from Shear Genius is in the front row too. Go, Bravo, go. 9:25: Michelle Trachtenberg in front row. I think I see Korto's family! 9:28: I see Blayne in a black turtleneck sitting in second row with Terri, Stella, Keith & other eliminated designers. 9:30: Okay, Padma Lakshmi just sat next to Christian Siriano, who is next to Rachel Zoe, who is next to Harvey Weinstein. Is Padma the J. Lo replacement? That would be okay by me! Nina Garcia and Michael Kors walked out. Applause! 9:33: Nina, Michael and Heidi - who came out of nowhere - stood at the end of runway for pictures. Judith Light in front row. The lights went down! 9:34: Heidi came out and said 'welcome'. She is wearing a green, tight dress. 9:35: Just spotted Chris March. 9:36: Heidi is saying "We had a great 5 years at Bravo and thank you for putting this show on your's come to an end. She is thanking the magical elves the production company. She introduced Nina and Michael and gave Harvey a kiss. 9:39: She says Jennifer Lopez had a foot inury so she could not be here. The guest judge is Tim Gunn! He promises not to have any bias. 9:40: Okay, Jerell is the first out. He thanks his mom and dad and his boyfriend. His first dress is glittery and strapless. 9:42: Next dress is sleeveless and black lace. 9:43: More sequins, more sheer, with a pirate chic aesthetic. And by that, I mean, stripes. 9:44: Gold lame dress is fug. 9:46: He layered sequins over sequins. :( 9:47: This ballgown is nice! Okay, that show is over. Nina is frowning. 9:48: Well now she is smiling. So tricky, that one! Okay, now Suede is out. I can't believe he is showing. Is he a decoy? Suede's gonna rock it, he just said. 9:49: Apparently his Mohawk matches the clothes or some shit. Plaid dress. 9:50: Dress with silver sequins on top and multicolored tulle on bottom. Candy pink. 9:51: Braided dress with car wash skirt. Bustier with trousers. 9:52: This one blue dress has a thread hanging from it. If I can see it from the 7th row then Nina can see it. 9:53: Okay, the wedding dress (???) is kind of adorable. Overall, everything was pink and blue and shimmery and tacky like cotton candy. 9:54: Okay, JOE is on the runway. He is the token straight guy. I did not think he would be here. 9:56: He says his collection is "Americana". The first piece is a brown leather bustier with a denim skirt, kinda Ralph Lauren. 9:57: A denim bustier and leather jeans. 9:58: A really pretty floral strapless dress. ...A midnight blue slipdress with stars embroidered on it. 9:59: A black leather bustier with a red quilted skirt; actually quite nice! 10:00: Nina and Michael having heated discussion. Okay, that one is done. 10:01: Kenley is out. She says she was inspired by Alice in Wonderland and made her dream wardrobe. 10:02: The first piece is a strapless dress long in front, short in back. The models have feathers in their hair. 10:03: Bubble hem party dress in blue. ...strapless dress with huge tulle skirt. 10:04: Black sheath with feather collar. 10:05: Peach swingy dress with embroidered flowers. 10:06: The last dress is a cream, feathery tulle ballgown like a wedding dress from Swan Lake. This is the best so far. 10:07: It's over. Korto came out! She says her collection is inspired by nature. "Everyone knows I'm from Africa." 10:08: But she says Arkansas has beautiful landscapes too. 10:09: First dress is a vivid teal stretch column. ...the next is neutral and more voluminous. ...the next is super short, bright green. 10:10: A lot of pleating details. 10:11: Another short green dress with interesting neckline. Fabric is folded and pleated and twisted. 10:12: Overall, it was hot and tropical and pretty. 10:13: Korto walked the runway with her daughter, aww. 10:14: Next is Leanne. 10:15: She says she has lost millions of hours of sleep over this collection. 10:16: Leanne's first dress got applause. Cream on top, blue on bottom, exquisitely pleated and folded. She has skirts with oddly-shaped pleats and huge collars like folded paper. But everything is soft and dreamy. 10:17: One dress has a different color on the inside of the pleats. So when it moves you see flashes of color. 10:18: The last cream colored gown is divine. She is clearly the crowd favorite. 10:20: Okay, so Heidi says guess what? That was it! Now I have to try and get out of here so I can go home and put up all the photos of the runway looks. See you guys in a bit.


That's a lot of decoy!!! My money is on the last three being the three actually in it. Or at least I really, really hope so.