Loose Lips

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The Huffington Post, which was a news site last time we checked, has posted closeup photos of Anna Wintour in order to mock the Vogue editrix for her wrinkles. What's more, the story ran without a byline and those cowards at the HuffPo wouldn't tell the Observer who posted the offending snaps. Arianna Huffington, no spring chicken herself, should know better than to perpetrate girl on girl crime against another alpha female. • Jessica Simpson said she changed her cell phone number so exes can't get in touch with her. Gurl, if we dated John Mayer, we'd be changing out numbers too! • [Observer, Us]

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I respectfully disagree. Wintour has made millions telling older women to get plastic surgery and pump their faces up with paralyzing chemicals and expensive, worthless cosmetics, as if aging is a crime. If even she can't even prevent aging, perhaps she should shut up already.

Regarding byline, my guess is that the photographer does not want to be identified which could easily lead to him/her being barred from covering Fashion Week for all eternity.