Amy & Tina Do Hillary & Sarah To Hilarious, Depressing Effect

As predicted by many, Tina Fey appeared alongside Amy Poehler in the cold open for this weekend's season premiere of SNL. The two - appearing as Sarah Palin and Hillary Clinton - delivered a message about sexism, an issue, Poehler/Clinton noted, "I'm surprised to hear people suddenly care about." Not surprisingly, the sketch, seen above, was both funny and painful because the things coming out of Fey's mouth were not so dissimilar to the boneheaded things that have emerged from the real Palin's maw. The program, which also starred an entirely wooden Michael Phelps, garnered the highest ratings of any SNL episode since December, 2002 when Phish and Al Gore performed. (Scheduled guest Barack Obama did not make it due to Hurricane Ike.)"Saturday Night Live" Has Best Premiere Since 2001 [Reuters]


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I need to watch that SNL clip again because I just read this WSJ opinion piece and need to wash my brain:


Talk about ruining a perfectly good monday morning.